How Digital Infrastructure of CNVEST Can Help Investors?

  • 4 years ago
CNVEST Digital Infrastructure

CNVEST Digital Infrastructure provides an opportunity for Online Sales System and Online Encounter System with our sales representatives to make you have a real estate without losing time in your homeland.

Digitalization has been more important during difficult times such as outbreaks, pandemias and biological disasters.

Real estate sector digitalization is very cost-friendly and safe for social isolation by the help of technology.

Most people and we believe that digitalization will prove essential for real estate agents.

In the next 6 -12 months, digital marketing will be very necessary for agents to drive revenue for the business and value for clients, while maintaining social distancing.

For sure it is true that people will make a final decision after seeing the property in person by eyes.

However, investors are likely to conduct a thorough research before viewing the properties.

Furthermore, the digital conveniences can assist brokers in making the purchasing process a lot easier for their customers. Online Sales programmes provide tour to the properties sold online. Afterwards, the paperwork process is much easier without any need to go to offices.

Actually, digital marketing has not changed the market entirely. However, it showed the importance of digitalization and pointed out new era.

Digital Infrastructure Can Help Investors

Moreover, CNVEST Digital Infrastructure can help investors through the pandemia durations like COVID-19, SARS, Zika virus, Ebola or other biological disasters by using technology and keeping social distancing.

The primary challenge now, at the time of this crisis, is to integrate and streamline digital infrastructure at various stages of the public health response, particularly in the context of epidemic forecasting and decision-making. In the 17 years since SARS, a new age digital era has emerged; artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT) could be instrumental in keeping this new virus within reasonable limits.

We, as CNVEST, thought that integration of digital technologies in to social isolation during difficult times response should be a priority of ours for our investors.

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